Customer Service & Call Center Conference

“In Customer Service everyone must be a leader”

“Social Networking and its influence to customer service”

Δημήτρης Ρούλιας, Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος, Out of the Box

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“Social media changes the design and monitoring of customer channels”

Mary Mooney, User Experience Expert, Telono

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“Customer Driven Change: What your customers Know; Your employees Think; and your managers Overlook”

“Motivate People in difficult times”

Γιάννης Κουτράκης, HR Manager, Microsoft Hellas

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“Εξυπηρετώντας τον Τραπεζικό πελάτη των 2020s”

Κωνσταντίνος Φρυδάκης, Manager of Customer Experience Unit, Τράπεζα Πειραιώς

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“The Future of Customer Service: Focusing on both profitability and customer retention”

Mikael Blaisdell

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“Τι ζητά η εταιρεία από τους εργαζόμενους της πρώτης γραμμής”

Γιάννης Τσιτσάνης, Training & Quality Manager, FirstData Hellas

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